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Apps for your Mobile Device Review: Pediatric Anesthesia Journal

By Anna Clebone, MD
Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital/University Hospitals Cleveland
Case Western Reserve University

In the new Pediatric Anesthesia Journal application for your iPhone or iPad, the full content of our subspecialty's journal can be accessed, including original research articles, case reports, review articles, historical reports, and editorials. The format is easy to read and navigate for journal issues currently going back to August 2013. ‘Early View’ articles are also available ahead of print publication.

Abstracts and several free articles (designated by an 'unlocked' symbol) are accessible each month. Many articles are 'subscriber only’, and may be ‘unlocked’ by either activating your institution’s subscription (free!) or purchasing a yearly subscription (a steeper investment at $350/year). I was able to unlock my hospital’s subscription in a few minutes by following the step by step instructions provided in the application. Unfortunately, this subscription must be reactivated every three months through the publisher’s website, but this only requires a few clicks (and remembering your password!).

PA Journal app

For subscribers, an entire issue of the journal can be downloaded and stored on your device at once. Individual articles can also be saved in a personal folder. For those tired post-call eyes, the font size can be easily enlarged under ‘settings’. Of note, this application will be automatically added to the ‘newsstand’ folder on iPhones when downloaded. Currently, this app is not available for android devices.

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