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President's Message

Please Consider Donating to SPA’s Patient Safety Education
& Research Fund

What in the world is SPA’s “Patient Safety Education & Research Fund,” (and how do I get some of those dollars?)?

The Society for Pediatric Anesthesia established a special internal fund in January 2007, with a goal of making it possible to fund starter research grants and educational projects from within the SPA.  Initially named the Research and Education Fund, Patient Safety was added as a focus of this fund in late 2008, reflecting SPA’s strategic plan to be THE leaders in pediatric anesthesia safety. 

Our GOAL is to raise $2 million dollars, so that we can begin funding research, education, and safety projects.  Right now, the fund totals $735,804.48.  However, we have not been idle during this period of fund growth.  As a signal to our membership and to external constituents, we are actually dispersing funds for current projects from this fund, transferring monies from our usual operational account using standard budget procedures so as not to compromise the fund’s capital.

With funds from this account, we supported the start-up efforts of Wake Up Safe (WUS), for an investment of more than $280,000.  And now, WUS has “graduated” to independent status, providing valuable information to the anesthesia community on best practices to prevent anesthetic complications.  We have long supported the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER), with contributions totaling $190,000 since 2007 (and a whopping cumulative total of $485,000!).  We believe that these funds have been well-invested, since funding for pediatric-related projects through FAER has exceeded our investment.  Other recipients of SPA support include SmartTots, which received $16,000 in 2013, and the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, with a cumulative total of $6,500 since 2007.   

And finally, for the first time, the SPA has its own named Fellow in Pediatric Anesthesia at the University of Nairobi, supporting a highly competent African woman who will remain in her community afterwards to practice and teach pediatric anesthesia.

As we celebrated SPA’s 25th Anniversary several years ago, we reached out to current and former Board members and officers, as well as to the membership for contributions to this important effort.  I’m pleased to report that we had 100% participation from Board members and Officers, both current and past; several made substantive multi-year commitments toward the future of our specialty with their gifts. 

However, the total amount of our cumulative gifts was not sufficient to move us speedily toward our goal of $2 million, so your Board of Directors has approved periodic additional transfer of funds from our operating account to the Patient Safety Education & Research Fund when our budgeted expenses are less than our revenues from dues membership and meetings.  We believe that investing in the future of our specialty is a core value for YOUR Society.

When we get closer to our goal of a $2 million sustainable fund—which will permit grants of approximately $100,000 per year—we will establish a transparent process by which grants will be requested, vetted, and funded.  Of course, you will hear more about that process here in the Newsletter, and on our website.

In the meantime—Spring has sprung, and we are approaching the end of the traditional academic year.  Wouldn’t this be a GREAT TIME to honor or remember a special teacher or colleague, a favorite mentor, someone who made a huge difference in YOUR CAREER, with a donation to the Patient Safety Education & Research Fund? 

Click this link to donate!

Enjoy this beautiful weather, and take care of yourselves, just as you take such wonderful care of our littlest patients.

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