App Review

Apps for Your Mobile Device: Pedi-Anesth

By Laura Gardner, MD and Anna Clebone, MD
Comer Children’s Hospital
Chicago, IL

The 'Pedi-Anesth' application for your mobile device is a far reaching pediatric anesthesia mobile reference. As a companion to the popular textbook A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children, Elsevier, Inc (by Charles J. Coté, Jerrold Lerman and Brian Anderson), it is professional, relevant, and beautiful in design. Pedi-Anesth is geared towards pediatric anesthesia, critical care, and emergency medicine professionals.

The home screen requests that users select the patient’s age or weight. Next, you can easily access medication dosages, endotracheal tube sizes, and a guide for fluid and blood management. The app even includes a review of congenital heart defects with images! With this app, you can quickly reference management of various issues, common and uncommon, that arise in pediatric anesthesia.

The limited app is available for $0.99, which includes the textbook pocket reference card. The pro version is $4.99 and includes access to a host of interactive clinical information. Of note, there exists another app titled Pedi-Anesth by Vargo, however this review is for Pedi-Anesth by Starship. It is currently available for Apple and Android devices.  The app is not available for the Blackberry platform.

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